Colorism: Just as stupid as it sounds
Here's a term you've probably not heard that much, but you have heard the misnamed version of what it is: colorism. If you don't know what that is, think "racism" but a bit more accurate.

What's In A Name? (Sports Edition)
Some people have never really figured out the perfectly simple concept behind naming a sports team. The idea was, in the beginning, anyway, to give your particular team, whatever sport you're doing, a somewhat ominous name to scare the crap out of your opponents for the purpose of giving your team a bit of a psychological edge. For example, would you rather be facing, and I'm making these team names up (I think) the Frankfurt Forest Faries or the Oppenheim Ogres? Faries - generally not scary. Ogres - rather scary. Simple concept, right?

Symbolism (Are You Sure?)
Some of you may have noticed that I'm not really big on the whole "God," "Jesus," and "Religion" thing. And… you're right. I'm not. But there are a number of reasons that I'll be telling you about. But FIRST, if you happen to be religious, I'm not knocking your belief. If you want to, that's your right. First amendment and all that, right?

Well, there's been another mass shooting. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter when you read this, that's going to be true. I wish it weren't true, but there's little I can do about that. The people who need to do something about it are spending all of their time sending "thoughts and prayers" to the families of the victims. I'm not sure why.

Let's talk about the News. Back in my day, there was this thing called integrity. It was essential to any news program. If you wanted to convey news to someone, you looked the part, sounded the part, and, most importantly, made sure your story was true and verifiable before you broadcast it.

Symbolism - Should be left to the symbol-minded
I need to talk to you about something that is almost constantly in the news that has gotten overblown and way out of control. (By the way, I'm speaking the those of you in the United States. If you aren't there, you just sit back, enjoy, and silently nod at the people who should be reading this.) The problem that we have here is symbolism - more specifically, the American Flag.

I suppose I should follow up the intro piece with something on this since I suspect there will be a lot of people wondering if there will be "bad language" in the show. Honestly, that depends on how you define "bad language." "But Rob," I hear you cry, "you have the 'F' word right there in the title!"

I suppose I should start simply and explain what this blog is going to be about. I assume you looked at the title and thought, “this should be good. Sounds like there will be humor involved! Maybe some political satire.” And you'd be right. There will be good and humor and political satire.